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Why CloudAgent


Improve Agent Efficiency

Cloudagent's advanced tools like screen pop, ACD, skill routing, sticky agents, agent scripts, barge-in, conferencing and warm transfer features have been proven to improve the contact center agent efficiency by 60%.


Get Insights

Interaction Analyst in Cloudagent offers more than 300 reports across all dimensions of a contact center. It helps you answer questions like "Who is the most efficient agent?", "What is the average handling time?", "What is the peak hour for my call center?"


Reduce Call Handling Time

Offer self-service via IVR to resolve simple queries and transactions like booking and cancelling faster. Ensure agents get access to callers previous history to ensure faster resolution.



Offer proactive customer support, make announcements, manage inbound leads or cold calling efficiently using dialers. Switch between preview, progressive or, IVR as per your campaign. Our dialers have helped increase agent productivity upto 400% as compared to manual dialing.


Live Monitoring

Manage SLA's better by monitoring queues in real time. Use integrated voice logger to judge agent performance in the context of the contact i.e. campaign, skill etc. Custom define criteria applicable to particular skill/process allowing agent performance to be judged in terms of parameters that impact the process performance the most.


Open API

Though CloudAgent is a complete out-of-box product, it can be extended to suit your business requirement. Cloudagent's simple Open API for CTI, CDR and Dialer allows you to seamlessly integrate it with your business systems for an end-to-end customized and optimized process performance.


CloudAgent offers Ready integration with various CRM, Analytics and Helpdesk solutions. If you are using any of the listed solutions, you can get started immediately

Most of the popular CRM are integrated with Cloudagent. Full 360 degrees integration including custom IVRs using the CRM API, and all call details stored in the CRM makes your CRM central place to manage your customer relationship. Out of the box integrations enables CRM screens pops for customer details, case handling and call control from a single screen.

Customer Testimonials

"          We signed up with Ozonetel in July 2012 - the primary reason being that we were expanding to Hyderabad and Mumbai and had 5 more cities planned in 2013. Until July, we were using a solution that wouldn't allow us to use the cloud and have a seamless customer service experience across cities. We evaluated companies and found Ozonetel to be best suited for our needs. Due to the per agent pricing model, we have managed to keep the overall CS cost at just under 0.5% of the overall revenue when revenue has grown 10 fold over 2 years. Due to the stable & robust solution we are consistently managing AHT of 2.5 minutes and able to achieve industry-leading FTR of 85% . "

Hari Menon(Co-founder & CEO)